What have you understand when you become a superviser?

Deal with your subordinates:

1.Must have yoru own core team , the people you interviewed , you arranged , try to give them more resources.

2.If your company have hired young people for potiential management position. Don’t do it anymore , as they will become over-confident. Try to pick the boys/girls who have worked for 1.2-1.5 years , they will suit better.

3.Don’t pick the poeple have unstable mood . They will hurt the team and everything . Optimist will be much better.

4.For the negative subordinates people and these who refuse to change , and the one don’t want to learn but care more on “relationships “, try to recognize them and observe them with a distance. If they remain the same for a certain period , they needs to be handled.

5.Get rid of the people who doubt you a lot , now.

6.Don’t fire a subordinate directly , hand over his/her core work to others , let his surroudings grow up , and let him envy to death….

7.Subordinates must have some certain conflicts internal , otherwise they might gether together to chanllenge your leadership.

Deal with your boss:

1.Don’t believe the stock share promise from your boss, even it’s written on the paper…After all if you don’t see the cash now , don’t hope you can get anything in the future.( Salary is the truth/key of work exchange , stock share is just excitation。Without the foundation , there won’t be any high rises)

2. 90% toughts of the boss is very ramdonly , most of them are meaningless , but you have to act like you are following , and react actively, it’s quite painful.

3.Try to teach your subordinates to do as much as your work , so that you can have more time to stick to your boss.

4.The method to keep boss from questioning you is : arrange him something to do that suit his dignity , he won’t stare at you the whole day when he got his own things to do. And tell him , these are the right things for a great boss to do 🙂

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