How is the China juvenile marketing trend in 2019

Due to the population base , China has a rapidly growing market in juvenile field. But 2019 could be the turning point.

“due to the capital freezing , 2019 could be the worst year of last 10 years , but it’s also the best year of coming 10 year. We can’t deny that the retreat of capital do made a big impact to online and offline treade , but when we talk back to juvenile and parenting marketing ,it’s already the reality that every Chinese family want give the best grow-up eviroment and education resources. And this trend is turning making juvenile industry a economic backflow nowdays. Especially when the big enviroment is turning worse , the companies should work together to protect the market.

Ms Tang operation a new released city stroller.

So the key trend of marketing is shown below , to help us keep winning in 2019:

Trend one: Marketing Ecologicalization

Everybody is saying IP , including brand IP , celebrity IP content IP , etc. But how far is your brand away becoming a super IP? When we are buiding an new IP , are we able to analyze from ecology perspective? When we are distributing an new IP , what target and outcome are we expecting? Here , I share with you for example the on-line variety shows(China) , from 2016-2018 , the online variety show quantity are keep increasing , and meanwhile the TV variety shows are declining.

In year 2018 in total there is 385 oneline variety shows released , among them there are more than 220 shows have strong influence power delivered with their IP. The proportion is over 50%. And among the top 30 online variety shows ,family & parenting have 12% proportion, beside TV series and big TV showes , more and more juvenile brand start focusing on the online shows which could generate a strong connection with the audience.

Let me share the most phenomenal online show in 2018:

1: PRODUCE 101

PRODUCE 101 single season has 4.5 billion views , while they are buiding a supre IP , they also helped several brand to implement their content to help there marketing , which turn out to be great
profit converting . These brand including OPPO (mobile phone), RED(online shopping community) and Space7 (female nursing).

2: The RAP of CHINA

The RAP of CHINA has created than 200 derivative products, among them , even a cap with 2 hanging rings wins the top sales during a season on TMALL , and monthly sale 2018 equals to half years sales 2017.

Therefore , you can see that a super IP is not only a great entertaining show, it also generate a compelete ecosphere which is more important. And the related brand & its products , need to understand the user requirement much preciser , to push for better marketing effect and profit converting .


Compare to beyond 2 shows , CHEF NIC , however, is the best case of a vertical IP building. Until now , CHEF NIC already released 8 season . The advertiser quantity reduce from beginning 12 to now 3 . But the advertise income is 5 time higher compare to beginning. Beside that , the show created the complete inside ecosphere which contains cookies , CHEF NIC Tmall shop and gourmet music festival , made CHEF NIC a real valuable IP , and succusfully acheived variety show’s commercialization.

These three examples of marketing ecologicalization , is already a visible trend that we will witness in juvenile industry.

Trough the exploration in online variety shows, we have 3 conclusion of the key fact to build a IP:

  • First thing first : own a special value in a certain severe vertical area.
  • Secondly , your brand need have its own potential energy to spread.
  • Last , IP must have extension value to achieve an ecosphere.

Trend two: Use content sales to solve the company operation problems.

In the future , content sales in vertical detail industry will have much greater advantage , and this will be a new trend of many brand. When we generating PGC content in the past , there are numberless short video platform are running UGC , therefore , to sign more and more KOL to generate high quality UPGC is our next target.

According to data provided by QuestMobile , 2017 audiences of short video is 410 million , in 2018 , this number climb up to 518 million , and short video APP quantity also increased 340%. We can predict that in 2019 , short video will be the second network flow area just beside instant messaging (like wechat).

Three secrets to help your short video marketing:

  • Everything should be oriented for company sales, and also need consider the real needs of the users.
  • Implement the brand DNA into the content.
  • Marketing is also opertation , you need use the right team:
    • Professional in vertical field.
    • Strong bility of content generate.
    • Strong bility of pushing and propaganda.
    • Understand the industry and understand users.
    • Able to integrate industry resources.

Trend three: Enabling new growth with industrial thinking;

First , cooperation with different industry; There is many great effect when 2 brand from different industry working together. Such as Coffee Box and Zhihu ran a Burning Brain Game in Shanghai, Netease Music worked with Watson for online/offline shopping chain building , Netease news worked with Ele.Me and BurgerKing to find a common interest to attract young people and rebuild their brand value.

Burning Brain Game (Zhihu & Coffee Box)
Music & Life (Netease Music &Watson)
Show your meal in work place (Netease news&Ele.Me&BurgerKing

Secondly , share the membership(VIP) . 14th Dec ,2018 , Tecent announced that they will work with Amazon , spend 299RMB can be both the VIP for Tecent Video and Amazon China ; Meanwhile IQIYI worked with JD , Starbucks worked with Tmall in the same way. The purpose for integrate membership is to lock the target users , enhence the connection and also made the analyse space bigger.

When we go into the winter of capital freeze , we need to think more on cooperation with brand that suit each other on brand core value and target user , to help us gain more market during the net flow decline , and also help each other on brand building.

In the coming 2019 , hope we can build the juvenile industry better with good quality content and marketing method.

——Zhou Zhou , CEO of YOUYANG TV

Anton translated from

Thanks for reading.

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